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Where does Kaleshwara Vaastu come from?

Sri Kaleshwar learnt from the top Vaastu masters in India. He researched and explored this science whilst creating a huge spiritual center from scratch, following and testing the Vaastu rules in the build process.

Based on this knowledge and experience Kaleshwar prepared a core of Vaastu teachings which focus on the key needs of modern times – health, prosperity and spiritual growth. In his consultations throughout the world Kaleshwar helped thousands of people with this knowledge in order to create a home or work environment which powerfully supports them in each area of their life.

What should I look for when choosing a consultant?

Being a Vaastu consultant means to partially assume responsibility for the life and karma of the clients. Every Vaastu consultation is accompanied with great responsibility, because it’s about the quality of life of the clients. If only a small detail is overlooked or mistaken, this can have severe consequences for the life of the inhabitants.

Similarly to an alternative practitioner or doctor, it takes training and experience over several years for a Vaastu consultant to be able to consult in a competent way. If you meet somebody (in person or on the internet) presenting themselves as a Vaastu consultant, ask them first about their training. It could be helpful to ask about their teacher - is their teacher really a Vaastu master? How long have they learned directly from their teacher and practised under their supervision? Ask, if they have been authorised by their teacher to consult independently. This can help to gain a greater understanding of their level of qualification for the role of Vaastu consultant.

In life, Sri Kaleshwar authorised only a very small number of students to act as consultants. He trained these students personally over several years and they assisted him worldwide with his consultations. Sri Kaleshwar put a very big emphasis on maintaining the knowledge systems taught by him in their purity and not to mix them with other traditions or knowledge systems.

Respecting these wishes, Kaleshwara Vaastu Europe currently offer consultations only through Tobias Gonschorek, Kaleshwara Vaastu Senior Consultant. Tobias was personally trained by Sri Kaleshwar for over ten years, assisted him worldwide with his consultations and was authorised personally by Sri Kaleshwar to give consultations.

Further consultants are in training. If you are interested in giving Vaastu consultations, please contact us under

What is the consultation procedure?

Firstly, we will require plans of the house and maps of the surrounding area as well as some pictures of the property. Next, we will schedule an appointment with Tobias and an assistant at your property. Following the on-site visit a detailed analysis will be made. Once complete, Tobias will arrange to discuss the results and any potential changes that could be made over time. In the follow-up consultations you will receive a written summary of the analysis including any recommended changes.

Are there alternatives to the on-site consultation?

Yes, working with the maps, plans and pictures of the property a remote analysis can be offered. This is a good option to gain a first impression. In important decisions like relocating, purchasing a property, etc., we recommend the on-site consultation prior to any large investments.

Does Vaastu have an effect everywhere?

Yes, Vaastu has the same effect everywhere in the world. The main parameters are the sun and the elements – both influence the entire globe.

Do I have to believe in Vaastu for it to work?

No. Vaastu is a science based on the interaction of the sun and the elements. Vaastu describes certain cosmic rules which have an effect whether you believe in it or not – similar to gravity, which does not need you to believe in it to make the glass break when it falls.

Do I have to use special building or construction materials?

We recommend ethically produced and sourced, sustainable materials for building, construction and energy generation. This is not part of the Vaastu teachings, but a recommendation as part of a respect for our planet and all on it.

Is it possible to balance Vaastu-defects through certain meditation techniques?

A person who meditates and works to live in a harmonious and balanced way is more likely to be able to tolerate sub-optimal Vaastu than a person who does not. However, the Vaastu defects themselves are not balanced by this.

Are there any corrective measures for serious Vaastu defects – like special herbs – so that I don’t have to move out?

There are no corrective measures for serious Vaastu defects. It is possible to lift the energy through certain measures (for example, Yantras), to make the consequences more tolerable. It is comparable to a smoker who takes vitamin pills – the health risk through smoking is not totally removed by additional vitamins.

The nature of this work aims to support people over the long-term in all areas of their lives and we take this responsibility very seriously. In the instance of serious Vaastu defects in a property, if the property cannot be fixed with construction changes, our recommendation will always be to move to more supportive Vaastu in the medium-term.

Is Vaastu something like Feng Shui?

Vaastu is the mother of Feng Shui. The Vaastu Shastra contains ancient, authentic knowledge of a life in harmony with cosmic laws. Over time, Vaastu teachings travelled across to China where they were influenced by local knowledge, altered and became the system of Feng Shui which differs from many points on the Vaastu teachings.

Does Vaastu fit with geomancy or sacred geometry?

Sri Kaleshwar did not teach about any correlation between geomancy or sacred geometry and Vaastu. There is nothing wrong with consulting a geomantist or researching sacred geometry and striving for good Vaastu at the same time.

How does Vaastu correlate with astrology?

Western and Vedic (Jyotish) astrology examine planetary constellations at the time of birth and study their influence on a person, in order to understand their karma, personality traits and many aspects of their life. From the Vaastu point of view there is nothing against seeking an astrologer’s advice to understand certain aspects of your soul plan and life on a deeper level. Astrology describes and is able to bring greater understanding or deeper realization to a person’s life – but it does not provide specific practical changes to solve Vaastu defects.

Vaastu laws are shown - through historical case histories - to have an effect and this cannot be fixed or changed through astrological consultation.

Do colours play a role in Kaleshwara Vaastu?

Colours do not resolve Vaastu imbalances.

What does Sri Kaleshwar mean by Soul-Vaastu?

Vaastu and all other teachings from Sri Kaleshwar are based on the fundamental principles of the five elements. Their powers affect us and our environment. Whenever Sri Kaleshwar talks about “Soul-Vaastu”, he is referring to the influence of the element-energies in us. He taught comprehensive meditation techniques for how to balance those element-energies in ourselves and allow them to flow through our lives in a positive way. If we can live and work in a harmonious Vaastu environment, and work to resolve our inner element imbalances, our soul vaastu will be in harmony with the inner and outer five elements.

Both disciplines – Vaastu as well as the Element Mantra Meditations (see – provide the knowledge of how to balance our energy and gain success in our life. Both have the power to purify karma and to transform a life.

It’s better to live in a hut under a tree than to live in bad Vaastu.

Sri Kaleshwar

Answers by Sri Kaleshwar

Many students from around the world came to study at the Penukonda Ashram. During his discourses, Sri Kaleshwar always took time to answer their questions. Often, they asked questions about Vaastu.

Q: Most of us live in one place and work in another. According to Vaastu, which place has the greatest effect on our lives?

Sri Kaleshwar: The place where you are sleeping counts number one.

Q: Are there any circumstances in which it is ok to live with bad Vaastu?

Sri Kaleshwar: I would never advise to do that, no way. Of course, you can follow your heart. But from what I have tested practically, from what I have seen, it means you are purchasing unnecessary problems. Never compromise with Vaastu. If you have a body, it means you are living in the kingdom of the five elements. There is no escaping. Whatever Vaastu you are living in, the results will show up. Period. It doesn’t matter if you believe Vaastu or not, if you understand the five elements or not. It’s like fire. If you don’t know about fire and touch it, it burns. If you know about fire and touch it, it still burns. The elements are like that. It’s my strong, sincere, heartful advice to every person – try to understand the Vaastu principles and implement them in a beautiful way. Try to understand how to make the nature support your life and your work. Then your life will be bliss. Absolutely, success will be with you.

Q: What about blessings, Swamiji? A saint visited my house and said the Vaastu was not very good but that her blessings are with me and will protect me.

Sri Kaleshwar: It helps, of course, but it is only temporary. Finally, the five elements will show their capacity. Over the long term if you ar e staying in bad V aastu, even with God’s blessings, you won’t get success. No way.

Q: If you have bad Vaastu in the office, will you fail at your business or job?

Sri Kaleshwar: If you travel to the south or the west from your home to go to work, you’ll always face problems. If you go to the north or east, you’ll have good business.

Q: Swamiji, if a person owns many houses but doesn’t rent them out, does the Vaastu of all the houses affect them?

Sri Kaleshwar: The Vaastu where you are sleeping the most, that counts. Do you understand the concept? That Vaastu will affect you most strongly. For instance, if you own a property and are renting it to somebody, it won’t affect you that much, even though you’re getting some benefit, receiving the rent. Some part of that Vaastu will also count to you, but not much. Whoever is renting and living on that property, it will affect them.

Q: Swami, what about apartments? Do all the apartments in the apartment building I live in have to be good Vaastu? Do all the apartments af fect me because I’m sleeping in the same building?

Sri Kaleshwar: No. Mainly only your apartment af fects you strongly. Make sure your apartment has good Vaastu – the kitchen in the southeast or northwest, good entrances, bedroom in southwest, no bathrooms in the northeast, like that. Fix it properly, and don’t worry about the other apartments.

Another point here, the Vaastu of the public areas will be shared by all the people using those areas. For example, maybe the entire property has a negative entrance in the north-northwest. If there’s another auspicious entrance in the northeast, you should only use that one as much as you can. But all the people using the north-northwest entrance, they will share the results of that Vaastu. First make your own apartment good V aastu, that really helps.

Q: I have a summer home that is completely anti-Vaastu. To what extent can I fix it?

Sri Kaleshwar: Give me an example.
Student: There are mountains in the north and east, a downward slope all the way from the northeast to the south and a river flowing from the east toward the west.
Sri Kaleshwar:It is best to sell it.

Q: We have more open space in the south and west at our place. What should we do?

Sri Kaleshwar: Sell that property. If there’s a lot of empty land in the southwest, sell it. Or, build another house in the southwest.
Student: But, we have been living in this house for eight years. Sri Kalehswar: If there is a lot of empty space in the southwest, I’m sorry, there is a lot of negativity – losing prosperity, fighting and no happiness there. It brings depression.
Student: But my husband is successful at his job.
Sri Kaleshwar: If there’s empty space in the southwest, it is a slow poison. Even if in the beginning it looks really so great, so wonderful and maybe some good marks are there – some east downward slope, some north downward slope – but, finally, if there is a lot of empty space in the southwest, it’s a lot of poison. It will hit, if your house has a lot of empty space in the southwest. No compromise in Vaastu, I’m sorry.

Q: You said that it is important to cut big trees in the east and northeast?

Sri Kaleshwar: 100%.
Student: Isn’t it bad karma because they ar e living beings?
Sri Kaleshwar: Of course it’s painful but, no compromise! If there are trees in the northeast, it is miserable. There is fighting. Do you know how many tr ees were here before? I just gave the order to cut them down. The whole village thought I was very crazy. One day, they will understand and see the r esults. But you should plant mor e trees in the south and west.

Q: Swami, what do you do when you are traveling?

Sri Kaleshwar: Whenever I visit any hotel, any place, I go inside to see how the V aastu is. If the bathroom is in the northeast, or if the r oom is really tilted a funny way, I walk out. Seriously, I really walk out.

Q: If we find a house with good Vaastu but it’s more than a hundred years old, should we buy it?

Sri Kaleshwar: No problem – take that property. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hundred years old.

Q: How does bad Vaastu affect moral behavior?

Sri Kaleshwar: If there is an entrance in the southwest, west-southwest or east-southeast, then the woman’s character will be horrible. It’s the same for a man. The man will be a pretty good romance person or the woman will be a pretty good romance person. Their characters will be a little funny. The vibrations will make them do it. If you see a southwest entrance, then uh-huh, you will know. Plus, it brings enemies.

Q: My sister is living in a place with very bad Vaastu. There’s depression and sickness. It’s hard for her to trust me about Vaastu. It’s hard for me to help her.

Sri Kaleshwar: Truth is always hard to trust in the beginning. Give me her name and I will take care.

Q: Some people travel a lot for their work, spending only a little time in any one place, then on to another and another. What property has the major Vaastu influence?

Sri Kaleshwar: Suppose a wealthy person is spending equal time between different homes. Wherever his heart is really connected, the place he really feel is his home, that counts. But if you have one home that is your favorite place, but the majority of time are travelling on business and sleeping in hotel rooms, then the Vaastu of those places affects your business. It affects your businesss the most.

I hope the world will follow this information, it will really save their lives. Of course, many people won’t like it at first, but one day, everyone will accept it. Whoever follows Vaastu will have a beautiful, peaceful life.

Many people are facing unnecessary problems in their life. They have good hearts. They only want to live their lives very peacefully, but many obstacles are coming, coming, coming – any headaches and worries. They don’t know what they are doing wrong. They feel like they are being punished. “What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t the Almighty helping me?” You know what I’m saying? They’re doing their best but negative strokes keep coming. The soul inspiration is coming down point by point and hopelessness is growing up.

You can help such type of people very easily. They have pure hearts and dedication, how come they are failing? Is it fair? It’s only the Vaastu. They’re doing their maximum best, but they’re living with the bad Vaastu. Once they fix it, that’s it. Their life will come up very beautifully, blooming as a beautiful flower. Not only them, to any person following Vaastu, their success, prosperity, happiness and relationships will go very smoothly. Whoever implements this knowledge correctly has to get success. It must be there. It will be there. Period. Vaastu is truthful knowledge. That is why my students have to become powerful masters on Vaastu – to really help the world.