For you. Individual Vaastu Consultation

We offer Kaleshwara Vaastu Consultations through Tobias Gonschorek, one of the very few Vaastu Consultants personally authorised by Sri Kaleshwar, and a team of Consultants in training.

Personal on-site consultation
An accurate assessment is only possible through an on-site consultation. This will include a detailed consultation, inspection and evaluation of the property and a written analysis with conclusion and recommendations. This consultation provides the opportunity for new understanding about your life or business situation.

Consultation from a distance
A Consultation from a distance is suggested to gain a first impression, or for smaller projects. For bigger investments such as new construction projects or the purchase of real estate an on-site consultation is necessary.

Finding a Vaastu property
We offer support in finding a suitable property.

Big Vaastu projects and new constructions
Tobias & Team (including architect) are available for Kaleshwara Vaastu consultations and full design work in new construction projects.

Prices on request at

If any negative energy is flowing and keeps on flowing, my advice is: first check the Vaastu. For example, today you lost your job. Tomorrow, you have a car accident. Next day, your child is so ill. The next day , there is a fire in your home. Or , there is always fighting and screaming in your home. In a month, you experience five to seven strokes of bad fortune. If you have these problems, first check the Vaastu. Then, if the Vaastu is not good, you can fix it with some Vaastu fundamentals and change your fortune.

Sri Kaleshwar